We live in a constantly changing and unpredictable world, and because of that companies continually need to transform in order to retain competitive advantage.

WIL Group, whom BT Global Partners are part of, have 17 member firms with 37 international offices and an international executive talent pool of 4,500+ top-level industry leaders. WIL Group released a survey where 45 different nationalities and 1,466 participants are represented. Within this survey, the challenges faced by the directors worldwide are stated. As complexity and speed continue to increase the organisations are constantly reviewing the need to trim down. Where previously internal resources were readily available to handle critical short term change/transformation projects today company directors have to rely on other resources to help effect change.


WIL Group’s survey results reveal that today’s businesses are in a state of constant change – more than two thirds (71 per cent) have been through a transformation in the last 12-18 months, and 39 per cent are planning this in the next 12-18 months. Nothing ever stands still.

Company directors are facing new challenges, with disruptive trends seen across almost every industry. As a result, they need to find the best resourcing solutions to manage the issues confronting them. Turning to their own internal resources is no longer viable for many.

WIL Group’s survey highlighted that some of the biggest challenges facing CEOs today included:

  • Creating the right organisational culture
  • Finding the right talent
  • Managing growth
  • Keeping ahead of the competition, and
  • Retaining talent


The WIL Group (https://wilgroup.net/) offers a unique multi-sourcing model, which delivers truly global interim and transitional management solutions to organisations around the world. Its talent pool is vast, borderless and highly experienced, and – at all times – WIL Group aims to work together to ensure results for clients, by putting our best foot forward, as well as the best candidates.

By working closely together, and providing trust and transparency between its global offices and members, WIL Group can ensure we leverage our assets and optimise this shared talent pool.

Since the group’s launch WIL Group have undertaken a vast number of successful cross-border assignments – providing the best candidates for the task in hand, and ensuring success for the client. If for example, it becomes difficult for a Dutch company to source the right level of support for an assignment in China, they can rest assured that through the WIL Group’s talent pool time will be saved and the right person will be found.

WIL Group is on a mission to continue attracting the best clients, and our track record is proving that a truly borderless international talent pool has real commercial power.

As BT Global Partners, we are ready to provide you our Business Transformation and Interim Management services. Please check out http://www.btglobalpartners.com/ for further information about our services and founding members.

Please click the link for the survey booklet.