Global Expansion

The planned expansion of a company’s business activities into countries in several regions. Global Expansion implies more than just making investments in countries outside of the company’s home base; the concept includes maintaining an actual business presence in those countries.

Looking for International Opportunities?

Are you considering operating internationally? black-and-white-city-man-peopleLooking for new markets to sell your products and services? Start your own manufacturing abroad? Or are you a non-Turkish company exploring opportunities in Turkey?

There are favourable opportunities for many business models in foreign markets. The trick is to identify that distinct, underserved niche that is a match for your business, and go after it.

With solid analysis, effective planning, and creative, visionary execution, many companies can find success in the global marketplace today. All the factors positive and negative, that impact ability to penetrate a market must be considered.

Business Situations We Can Help:

  • Which New Market?
  • Feasibility & Developing an Entry Strategy
  • Identifying Potential Partners and M&A Advisory
  • Preparing the Business Plan
  • Operation (Interim Management) of the New Entity