M&A – Private Equity Solutions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are transactions in which the ownership of companies, other business organisations or their operating units are transferred or combined. As an aspect of strategic management, M&A can allow enterprises to grow, shrink, change the nature of their business or improve their competitive position. Private Equity and Venture Capital are forms of financing provided in return for an equity stake in potentially high growth companies.

Are You Selling or Buying?

calculator-calculation-insurance-finance-53621In looking over a potential company, its management and operations, the challenge is often to obtain innate and rare information to best assess present and future firms value. BT Global Partners equips accomplished experts with relevant business knowledge who will assess the management team, the operational processes and the specific business issues, sometimes with experience from within the enterprise.

BT Global Partners assists by presenting executive resourcing for performance improvement or U-turn solutions. Interim executives provided by BT Global Partners, coach or replace the management team at short notice, when time is critical.

Finally, in selling a company, the management team often needs to be balanced for best value at exit.

As professionals supporting transition, acquisition, merger, restructuring, upsizing and downsizing projects, BT Global Partners offers management solutions to prepare for a listing or management to help out in the exit transaction itself. Lastly, BT Global Partners verifies that management is aligned with the owner’s and/or seller’s agenda.

Business Situations We Can Help:

  • Company Dating & Matching
  • Pre and Post M&A
  • Support Programs for Private Equities
  • Integration
  • Restructuring
  • Contractual Changes
  • Employee Role Changes
  • Mass or Individual On-Boarding & Transfer
  • Office Relocations